Sunday with The Scribes - #11

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Productivity tip

Morning Routines

For better or worse, the past six months have changed our daily routines drastically.

For those of you who are more productive and focused than ever, good for you (plz teach us your ways). But for those of you who feel like you've lost a sense of routine and consistency, especially in the mornings, keep reading.

This short article will shed some light on what successful people do in the morning, and how their morning routines keep them centered, focused, and productive.

What's in our journal

A few months ago, we launched a new version of The Crosby Scribe. This iteration was inspired in many ways by feedback collected from the 'bullet journal' community.

This week, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite customers, Ishika Dav.

Ishika creates beautiful spreads in her Crosby Scribe and she shares these creations on her YouTube channel and Instagram page. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration as you head into the week, we highly recommend that you check her out!