Sunday with The Scribes - #12

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Productivity tip

Be transparent.

Transparency results in authenticity and authenticity results in trust. You'll be more productive if you trust those who you work with, and they'll be more productive if they can trust you.

What's in our journal

When we started Sunday w/ The Scribes, we wanted to provide our customers a look into what we're working on, the obstacles we've encountered and what we've learned along the way. This week, we are getting back to the roots of this newsletter by discussing a major part of our business.

Fulfillment takes a village.

We handle fulfillment ourselves, and we are proud of that. However, by personally inspecting, packaging, and shipping each order ourselves, we've spent many late nights prepping orders, only to find out that we didn't have the inventory, the right packaging, or our printer was out of ink. Top that with everyone working from different / unusual locations (cough, cough, our parents houses), and it's easy to see how we've run into some real complications.

With that said, working from different locations has also been quite rewarding. Our parents and siblings have been called on to help when we get desperate, and we want to thank them for their share of prepping, packing, and post-office drop offs.

As our volume continues to increase, we might consider working with a third party fulfillment partner, but until then, we hope you enjoy the personal touch added to each and every order.

Talk to you next week!

- Mike, Pooja, Alden