Sunday with The Scribes - #21

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This week, we want to share a productivity/life tip with you that we are constantly reminding ourselves of. When you have a new idea, a new opportunity, or a new challenge, do not think about the so many 'what-if's' attached to it.

What if it doesn't work?
What if they turn me down?
What if they laugh at me?
Instead, remember this: The greats didn't say 'what if.'

If they did, they said it once and they quickly returned their focus back to this simple fact.

People are good, and they want to help you. They especially want to help you if they can see your passion in whatever you are chasing. So get out there, start cold calling, start trying, and rely on the goodness of others to embrace your new ideas and ambitions.

And check out this article in case you still have doubts.


This week our team was heads down focusing on our new website! We are hoping to launch this website in just a couple of weeks and can not wait for you all to see it. The new website will include new pages, new images, more stories, and so much more! Here is a quick sneak peak: