Sunday with The Scribes - #18

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Productivity Tip

To-do lists are key.


Why does the day often end and you feel dissatisfied with what you crossed off?
It's because you are doing to-do lists wrong according to Mathias Barra.

Check out this article, where he explains the two types of to-do's; The No-Way-I'm-Not-Doing-This List and The I'd-Like-It-If-I-Could-Do-This List.

What's in our Journal

Q4 is here, and for eCommerce businesses like ours, it's game-time. This week, we want to let you know how we are planning for the busy season.

More inventory + New products.
In just a month or two, we will launching a few new products, one of which is sure to be your friend come January 1 when you start having 'New Year, New You' thoughts. More to come on this.

For anyone who has ordered The Quill recently, you might have noticed that the pens weren't individually packaged. Packaging shortages are soon to be a problem of the past, as we've made major investments in more pens, and more packaging. We've also had multiple requests for blue ink. To those people - we got you.

We want YOU to help us tell our story. Over the course of Q4, want to focus on promoting and creating content alongside our customers. So when you buy our products, make sure you leave a review, and if you do, you might just see your own words across all of our advertising channels.

As you probably know already, giving back is core to what we do. Just in time for Q4, we designed and produced 1,000 new 'Student Scribes,' ready to be donated to schools and non-profit organizations. If you have a cause in mind that you think we should support, let us know and we'd love to lend a hand.

And last, but not least, our very own Pooja Patel will be speaking on a panel with other leaders about life as a female entrepreneur. We hope you'll tune into this event on Sunday, October 11 at 7:00 p.m. All ticket proceeds are being donated to Girls Inc.

As the sponsors of the show, we too, will be donating to Girls Inc through the proceeds of our journal sales. To support the event, our business, and Girls Inc, buy a few journals with promo code 'GoingBeyond'.

Talk to you next week!
- Mike, Pooja, and Alden