Sunday with The Scribes - #22

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Matthew McConaughey's new book, Green Lights, is now on the shelves!

According to McConaughey, this autobiography was written as a compilation of his 36 years of personal journals, where McConaughey captures his daily thoughts, both large and small.

On the act of journaling McConaughey has this to say:
"Check in with yourself before checking in with the world when you wake up in the morning. Read a little something between you and you. Write a little something that's between you and you."

Not all of us will keep a journal like McConaughey does, but if we did, we think the world would certainly be a better place.


We have a few quick updates that we want to share with you this week.

The Quill is back in stock and we want to thank everyone who ordered our best-selling pen on preorder! We also want to extend a huge shoutout to Pooja Patel and her entire family for helping us ship over 200 orders this weekend! Our success is truly a team effort!

3,000 journals have made it to Honduras and will soon be distributed to the students and teachers across 14 different schools. This comes in partnership with The Foundation for Education in Honduras!

We will be speaking on the Katch Up With Kestner podcast this afternoon! We will be speaking about our give-back model, how we started The Scribes, and how we've managed our small business throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope you'll check out the podcast as soon as it is published!
Talk to you next week!
Mike, Pooja, and Alden