Sunday with The Scribes - #25

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7 Lessons to Grow Your Business from Serial Entrepreneur, Neil Patel is so much more than a 'business article.'

In this article, the author outlines seven pieces of advice for entrepreneurs and business owners, but in our opinion, these lessons relate to everyone.

Take more action.
Always be learning.
Focus on quick wins.
Think about your motivations.
Building your team.
The importance of perceptions.
Getting started.
Give it a read!


In mid-October, we received an email that reminded us of the importance of what we are doing. The email read,

"I am an art teacher in Brooklyn, I'm working remotely and a lot of my students do not have notebooks or sketchbooks. I was at a meeting (ZOOM) with my borough arts director and she mentioned your company might be able to donate books for my students. I would be very interested in receiving books that I (or my principal/assistant principal) can distribute to families in need. I look forward to hearing from you."

This past week, we were thrilled to take action on this by donating over 200 journals and 200 marker-sets to 4th-6th graders in Brooklyn.

Talk to you next week!
Mike, Pooja, and Alden