Sunday with The Scribes - #28

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As the new year approaches, we are focusing on something very particular: becoming an Optimalist.

Not sure what an Optimalist is? We didn't know either, until a few months ago when we started working with Dr. Maria Bruce to design our first ever guided journal.

We will release The Optimalist on December 15, and until then, chew on this quote from Maria, and start focusing on a great year ahead.

"An Optimalist sets goals and works to create all the steps necessary to move towards them. An Optimalist recognizes that the road is not a straight line, and knows that even the best thought-through plans have set-backs and obstacles.

Optimalists incorporate the negatives as lessons learned, instead of viewing them as reasons to give up; they learn from them and move forward."


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Enjoy your Sunday!
Mike, Pooja, and Alden