Sunday with The Scribes - #29

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The holiday season is officially here, so let's not kid ourselves about being 'productive'. Let's use the next 10 days to spend time with our families, reflect on the year, and get into the holiday spirit.

So do your best to log off, do something nice for your neighbor, write a note to a friend, and enjoy this special time of year.


Similar to last week's message, our minds have been wrapped around one thing: shipping.

We want to take a minute to recognize one 'scribe' in particular and her family for all of their hard work in this department. Over the past few days, Pooja and her family have gotten over 750 packages out the door, with the hopes to get these delivered to folks before the holidays.

That's a lot of boxes, long wait times at UPS, and quite a few paper cuts. If you want to imagine what it looks like, picture your living room stacked floor to ceiling. So props to Pooja + family for making all of this happen!

A few more things:

20% off site-wide when you use code 'Holiday20.'

FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

You won't receive your order before before Christmas, but we can promise that you won't pay a dime for shipping.
If you haven't already, check out our newest journal, The Optimalist. This journal might just be your perfect companion to 2021. (a very thoughtful gift, too.)

Enjoy your Sunday and Happy Holidays!
Mike, Pooja, and Alden