Sunday with The Scribes - #30

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Can you believe it? Today marks 30 consecutive weeks of Sunday with The Scribes. We hope you've enjoyed this newsletter.


Setting goals for the new year can be a daunting task.

As a way to get started, grab your Scribe and answer the following questions for yourself.

What are the five things you didn't enjoy doing this year?
What are your five best memories of the year?
By answering these two questions, you'll remind yourself of both good times and bad. Use this reminder to guide how you work, live, and play in 2021.


After a few days off, we are rested and ready to take on a New Year. This week, we'll be meeting as a team to outline our 2021 objectives, which is sure to include new marketing channels, an improved product line, and a strategy to make our give-back efforts as impactful as possible. We'll be sure to send a recap in next week's newsletter, and if you have any ideas for The Scribes x 2021, we'd love your feedback!

In other news, we'd like to send a special shoutout to our very own Pooja Patel! Pooja is celebrating the big #26 today, so respond to this email and send her some love.

Lastly, our holiday sale is running until the end of the year, which means 20% off and free shipping when you use promo code 'Holiday20'. Everyone could use a new journal for the new year, so grab one for yourself, or send one to a friend.

Enjoy your Sunday and Happy New Year!
Mike, Pooja, and Alden