Sunday with The Scribes - #36

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It's Super Bowl Sunday! Before you dive into the nachos and chicken wings, let us grab your attention for a minute or two.


Read any article online and you'll find that one of the secrets to productivity is waking up early. We are believers in that, no doubt.

However, what you do on those early mornings before the world is awake is not so black and white. Most people will suggest that you must take this time to exercise. Exercise is certainly a great option, but it's not the only option.

What if you took this time to catch up on reading? What about that laundry sitting in the basket? How about a call home to your parents, who also wake up early?

Don't be hard on yourself. Anything you do - for yourself - before the world is awake, is sure to make the rest of your day all the more productive.


We've mentioned this a few times in the past, but we are on the verge of a completing a brand overhaul that is sure to make you ask, "Who is their designer - he is good."

As part of this, we'll have a new website, new product line, and an all around face-lift to the brand we've known for about a year now.

As part of this brand overhaul, we are doing something we've never done before. We are dropping some prints, designed and created by our very own Alden Bohrmann.

These prints were originally intended to decorate our new office with, however, after chatting with some friends, we learned that some of our customers and members of this community might want them too. These prints are meant for the manilla walls in your office, above your bedside table, or, if you really love us, your living room?

Some of them make perfect sense, and others are more abstract, giving you the ability to decide what they mean for you.

We hope you'll check them out and show us some love by purchasing one today.

Happy Sunday - enjoy the big game!
Mike, Pooja, and Alden