Sunday with The Scribes - #43

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Productivity Tip

This past week has been incredibly busy. We released a new website, expanded our product line, and worked tirelessly to create great content.

It wasn't all smooth sailing, and we definitely had our share of frustrating moments and feelings of anxiety. In fact, on Wednesday, we wrote down all of the things that weren't working out!

With that said, we were productive enough to move a bunch of stuff forward, so we figured we'd share what worked for us. Below are a few of our own 'productivity tips' that helped keep us on track.

1. Knock out the quick tasks when you don't know exactly what to work on.

This week, we spent a lot of time in 'hurry up and wait' mode while getting everything ready for launch. In those moments where you don't know exactly what to work on, look at your to-do list and find something that isn't shiny or desirable and knock it out. For us, it was organizing our office in anticipation for 50+ boxes of journals to arrive. Because we crossed off this task early, receiving the inventory and organizing it onto our shelves was relatively painless.

2. Due dates = accountability.

As a team, we didn't spend a lot of time together in person this week, which meant that each of us had to be responsible enough to get our individual tasks completed in order for all of this to come together in unison. It was super helpful to set due dates, even for the smallest of tasks, to ensure that we were holding each other accountable.

3. Do (and then fix)

For us, it is critical that we take big swings and fix whatever mess we've created afterwards. The longer we deliberate and tinker, the more likely we are to talk ourselves out of the situation.

4. Whatever you are working on - put it into context.

We stumbled across the image below this week, and it couldn't have been more timely.

What's in our journal

We hope it's clear by now...

We've made some big changes to our brand and we are ready to grow.

We've got 15+ new products.
A sweet new website.
And so much good work to look forward to, together.

Some of you in this newsletter have stuck with us now for 43 consecutive weeks. That's a long time!

As a way to cheers to the next 43 weeks together, spend over $43 on our new products and we'll send a free journal to a friend of yours, on us. After your order comes in, we'll email you for their information.

Have a great Sunday,