Sunday with The Scribes - #45

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Productivity Tip

You've heard this one before and we'll happily remind you because this one is important.

Re-think your social media usage.

This past year, we have been glued to our phones more than ever, and now that the world is rebounding, it's time we re-think how much we use our devices. We are all fortunate for the connectivity they provided us during a time of distance from our friends and family, but science is showing us that we are far too obsessed with our devices, and social media in particular. The long-term effects are ugly.

Similar to how you may budget your finances, think about budgeting your time on social media. Limited social media use will allow for you to think more clearly, and focus on your life as opposed to others.

What's in our journal

We are betting on the future of NYC and expanding our retail presence! Our products can now be found at Whalebone, located at 328 Bleecker in the West Village. If that name sounds familiar, it's because it is. They recently wrote an article about our give-back efforts in NYC.

Since launching our new line of journals on March 25, we've been tracking every item to see which one customers like most. After two weeks, the winners are currently our Softcover Scribes, in blue and green. Get yours today, and let us know what you think!

Lastly, a happy belated goes out to our teammate and partner Alden Bohrmann! This past week we got together for the second time in a year to celebrate #27.

Happy Sunday!