Sunday with The Scribes #6

Sunday with The Scribes #6
Productivity tip

We hope you are all having a great long weekend celebrating the 4th of July!

For our productivity tip this week we wanted to remind you of how important it is to take a break. Allowing yourself to take a break will not only improve your productivity in the long-run, but it will also clear your mind and inspire your most creative thinking. Use the remainder of the weekend to take a step back and try to be present with your family, friends, and most importantly, yourself.

And try to laugh a little bit too! Laughter is the world's best medicine, and if you don't believe us, we can prove that to you here.

What's in our journal

The three of us at The Scribes have used the long weekend to relax, catch up on sleep, and refocus for the second half of the year. We are excited for the months to come and we hope you are too!

If you are looking for a few journals to support you in Part 2 of 2020, check out The Trio. This new bundle combines a few of our classics, giving you three journals in different colors, styles, and textures.

Talk to you next week!

- Mike, Pooja, Alden
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