Sunday with The Scribes - #7

Sunday with The Scribes - #7

Productivity tip

We recently read an article by Dr. Priya Advani that explains the power of 'random acts of kindness.'

Her story reminded us that small decisions, like holding open the door for someone with their hands full, buying a coffee for a stranger in the morning, or helping your neighbor unload their groceries will not only change the recipients day, but it will make you feel better, too.

Dr. Advani writes, "When you are kind to others, you feel good as a person -- more moral, optimistic, and positive."

So get out there and do something kind for a stranger.

Lastly, take note of these actions. Write them down and reference them every few weeks. You'll be amazed at the change you can create - one small act at a time.

What's in our journal

We'd like to tell you about one of our role models, Levi Wallace. He is a starting cornerback for the Buffalo Bills!

Back in April, Levi was quarantined to his apartment in Buffalo when he decided that people could use some inspiration during these difficult times.

He posted his phone number to his social media accounts, and in the hours to follow, Levi spoke with hundreds, if not thousands of random people. By phone + text, Levi prayed with these people, listened to them, and reminded them to keep a positive attitude.

We got wind of Levi's story through one of our customers and we reached out to Levi to offer him a journal as a thank you for being an inspiration to so many people.

A few weeks later, Levi decided to purchase 200 custom made journals from us, that he would donate to student-athletes at his high school in Tucson and students in the Buffalo area.

We had the privilege of delivering these journals to Levi over the weekend.

Talk to you next week!
- Mike, Pooja, Alden

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