DoodleTV + The Scribes (On sale!)


Limited Time Discount: Buy TWO kits for $60! 

Introducing the Limited Edition DoodleTV Bundle, created in partnership with Diane Bleck, the founder of The Doodle Institute! 

Perfect for the beginner who needs a good starter kit for doodling at home or on-the-go, or the professional who actively maintains a sketch note journal just like the best minds in history.

Whether you keep it on your desk or take it everywhere you go, this set along with Diane’s DoodleTV lessons will boost your creativity, ignite your imagination & supercharge your visual thinking skills.

This DoodleTV Bundle gives you everything you want in a journal, plus a marker set that is colorful and consistent. This bundle also includes access to Diane Bleck's DoodleTV lessons through the DoodleTV website or iPhone app!

♥ Since November 2019, The Scribes has donated over 4,000 journals to students in need. 

DoodleTV Journal

Soft Cover, Soft Feel Limited Edition Journal Embossed with the DoodleTV Logo

Vegan & Eco-Friendly: Made with PU Leather and Acid-Free Paper (100gsm)

Pages: 160 Dotted Pages

Size: 8.5" (Height) x 5.5" (Width)

Additional Features: Lays Flat & Features Elastic Easy Close Band and Attached Bookmark

Marker Set

Pen: One 1mm Black Outliner Writing Pen

Markers: Set of 12 Colorful Markers (Red, Orange, Yellow, Chartreuse, Green, Aqua, Blue, Hot Pink, Pink, Purple, Brown & Black)


About Diane Bleck and The Doodle Institute

Doodling in a journal is exactly how Diane began her creative journey. Now, Diane is an Artist, Author, Speaker, and Visual Facilitator with clients and students all over the world. She founded The Doodle Institute to help people unlock their creativity and embrace the power of doodling and visual thinking.

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