The Scribes x Cisco Brewery

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Long before we started The Scribes, Alden, Pooja, and I were out for lunch in New York City.

Like the nerds we are, our conversation largely centered about our favorite brands, and why we liked them so much. I asked the group: “If you could name your 5 favorite brands, what would they be?”

I gave some context and said things like “You would be sad if this brand was no longer around” and “This brand should be one that actually makes your life better.”

We each rattled named a few.

Apple came up, obviously.

Slack. Barbour. Costco. Trader Joes.

Some big brands.

When it got around to me, I rattled off a pretty obscure list. One of the brands was Cisco Brewery, on Nantucket Island.

My reasoning was simple: When I am there, I am so happy. Dogs on the loose, good beer, and most importantly, I’m around so many happy people. At Cisco, you have no worries.

Never in a million years would I have thought about starting a journal company. Never in a trillion years would I have imagined that we would be creating The Cisco Scribe for their summer merch.

Well, crazy things happen.

Check out The Cisco Scribe and have a great summer.

- Mike