Making A Difference

Scribes for Students

Our Mission

When we started The Scribes, we had two simple goals: design high quality journals and support worthy causes.

If we can turn a simple journal into a powerful tool that inspires you to do your best work, while encouraging you to think of others - we will know that we are onto something.

The Cause Behind Each Journal

We support children, teachers, and mentors by donating to schools, juvenile detention centers, and community organizations. When you buy a Scribe, not only are you buying for the features, like its lay-flat design, smooth texture, or unique page layout, but you are buying a Scribe to support causes that make our world a more thoughtful place. 

Each journal supports a different cause, all equally important, and incredibly impactful.

The Original

Foundation for Education in Honduras

One of our earliest supporters was Ramiro Ocasio, Founder and Director of The Foundation for Education in Honduras. Ramiro’s passion for educating students in Honduras inspired us to get involved - and we did - by donating journals to the foundation. By providing these students with journals, we hope that we can inspire each student to be their most creative self. To make a lasting impact in Honduras, we’ve decided that

For every Original Scribe sold, we will donate a journal to FEIH, and the students of Honduras.

The Crosby

NYC Based Education

The idea for The Scribes came to us while on the corner of Spring Street and Crosby in New York City. To honor the early days, we named our second journal The Crosby Scribe. We are now taking it a step further, by showing support to the city and community that we love, and that’s why The Crosby Scribe is dedicated to students in the New York City Area.

For every Crosby sold, we will donate one to a (New Yorker) student in need.

The Essential

Caring for Classrooms

We created the The Essential Scribe to honor all of the essential workers for their heroic efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, we sent dozens of journals to teachers all over the country to show our support. This small act of kindness inspired us to do more, and that’s why we are excited to support our essential teachers, through our newest journal, The Essential Scribe. To help alleviate the financial burden that teachers face in stocking their classrooms with supplies, we will be making both monetary gifts and gifts of journals to classrooms in need.

For every Essential Scribe sold, we will be supplying a classroom with the resources they need.

We Write, Too.

We hope that you’ll read our stories that explain how and why we give back. We hope that these stories will inspire you, as they’ve certainly inspired us.

We Make The Right Tools For Lifelong Learners

Foundation for Education in Honduras

Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center

A Community Effort - Huntsville, AL