Our Story

We are a team of three, brought together through work, and bound together by friendship. We are do-it-all generalists, with a connection to every journal that we sell. What you see on our site, read on our social, and feel when your journal arrives was brought to you by our shared experiences and feelings toward writing, doing, and being productive.

Why “The Scribes?”

We jokingly called ourselves The Scribes after involuntarily becoming the note-takers for workplace meetings. What began as a joke evolved into questioning the act of note taking and writing itself.

So, why a journal?

We believe that writing by hand allows us to do our most thoughtful and focused work. When writing by hand, you aren't able to click to another tab in your browser or be distracted by an incoming notification. Writing in a journal encourages creativity and serves as a soothing and productive way to get things done.