What started as a slack channel is the brand you see today.

We are The Scribes.

We are a team of three, brought together through work, and bound together by friendship. We are do-it-all generalists, with a connection to every product that we sell. What you see on our site, read on our social, and feel when your products arrive was brought to you by our shared experiences and feelings toward writing, doing, and being productive.

Our story.

The three of us met while working at a fin-tech startup in New York City. We often felt like the note-takers in the room at workplace meetings. So much so that we jokingly called ourselves The Scribes. We created #the_scribes slack channel as a place to chat as friends. At the time, we had no idea that The Scribes would turn into so much more than a chatroom.

As our friendship developed, we talked a lot about our career plans, our goals, and our passion for entrepreneurship. In our former jobs in the eCommerce industry, we were often reminded that starting a business was more attainable now than ever We wanted to create something people would enjoy using, but more importantly, something people would be proud to use.

We launched our business in November 2019 and it was reborn in March 2020 when we dedicated ourselves to it. This happened to be the start of a global pandemic, but that didn’t necessarily phase us. We knew we were more than an eCommerce brand. We were a company that made a difference, and this was an opportunity to showcase that.

Our why.

When we started The Scribes, we had two simple goals: design high quality journals and support worthy causes.

If we can turn a simple journal into a powerful tool that inspires you to do your best work, while encouraging you to think of others - we will know that we are onto something.

Here at The Scribes, we want you to have the best journal for your goals. To know that your purchase aides someone in need with their goals is an added bonus. Creativity and productivity should be shared. The Scribes makes that notion a reality.