Sunday with The Scribes - #10

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Productivity tip

Plan for tomorrow, tonight.

Before you go to sleep at night, take five minutes to write out tomorrow's to-do list. Doing so will tie up the loose ends of today and relieve anxiety that you might feel in the morning.

Try it tonight and feel better about your Monday morning.

What's in our journal

The Original Scribe

When The Original Scribe hit the market as our first product in November 2019, the product was a result of our experiences, ideas, and preferences.

Over the past 7 or 8 months, we've sold out of The (Original) Original Scribes, and instead of producing the same batch over again, we asked our customers for help in designing The Original Scribe 2.0.

The feedback we received made way for a much better product.

Not only does the new Original Scribe come in two colors, but we've increased the page count by 33% and upgraded our interior paper quality to 100 g.s.m. acid-free paper.

We also changed the layout of the journal, making the left-side lined and the right-side blank. Not only does this more closely align with how our brains work, but it also makes it easier to use for our left-handed friends.

We hope you check out the new and improved Original Scribe and let us know what you think!

Talk to you next week!

- Mike, Pooja, Alden