Sunday with The Scribes - #24

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Let us be honest - we didn't have time to find a zinger of a productivity tip for you this week. Instead, we have been trying to solve some pretty big issues..

On Friday afternoon, we were so excited to update our website to a new and improved version that we've been working on for months. What we didn't know was that our website would immediately crash after updating, causing down time for about 30 hours.

Fortunately, our website is now up and running again, however, our email accounts are still having issues. If you need to reach us, text us at 256-682-3675 and we'll get back to your right away.

If we were to leave you with one 'tip' or piece of advice, we'd simply encourage you to keep at it when life presents you with a challenge. You might botch the initial execution of a new idea or project, but if you keep at it, you'll learn something along the way and be better for it in the long-haul.


Last week, we joined Kestner De Vera on The Katch Up With Kestner Podcast! This conversation takes listeners on the journey of how we started The Scribes and how we've navigated the Covid-19 pandemic. Links to the podcast are below. We hope you'll give it a listen!

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Talk to you next week!
Mike, Pooja, and Alden