Sunday with The Scribes - #41 (Interview Edition)

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Today, on our fourth and final Sunday with The Scribes: Interview Edition, we welcome Melanie Travis, Founder and CEO of Andie - a fast-growing swimwear company based in New York City.

We first met Melanie in March of 2020 while attending a virtual presentation she gave on digital marketing strategy. Since then, she's been someone we've leaned on for advice and guidance, and we are really excited to share her wisdom with you all.

We hope you enjoy the interview!


This is Sunday with The Scribes, a newsletter that goes out every Sunday morning with the hopes to inspire the day and week ahead. Melanie - What does your typical Sunday look like?

I try not to do any work on Sundays, so that I feel refreshed and ready to go on Monday. Somehow someone is always trying to schedule a call on a Sunday, but unless it's an emergency I put my foot down about no calls. My company is a lot more mature now than it used to be, so I feel like I've earned a solid day off. I'll typically sleep in (which means 9am or so), then I have a slow morning of coffee and breakfast. Thankfully my dog is old enough now that she can wait for me to finish breakfast before I have to take her out, which is a nice new development. After breakfast I'll take her out for her biggest walk of the week, and if my wife doesn't come with me then I'll use the opportunity to call my mom and catch up.

After her walk, the rest of the day is filled just doing things that bring me joy. I'll paint, practice the guitar, play some (I'm obsessed), do an energetic workout. I love Sundays.

At the end of the day, I'll check my calendar for the week to see what I've got going on. I'll take out my Scirbes journal and jot down a preliminary to-do list for the week. Once it's written down, I can rest easy and feel more prepared for Monday morning.

It's Monday morning and your calendar is booked with meetings from 9:00am to 6:00pm. A meeting gets cancelled and all of a sudden you have a free hour in the middle of your day. How are you going to spend this time?

I'll jump on the spin bike! We recently got a Soul Cycle bike and I love when I can hop on for a 30 or 45 minute class in the middle of the work day. Endorphins do wonders to keep me going!

What’s a habit or ritual that helps you be your most productive self?

Definitely writing down my to-dos. I used to let my to-do list live in my head or I'd try various apps online, but there is nothing like writing an old-fashioned list, and then crossing things off as you do them. I feel more organized and productive with a clear, written list of things I need to do. Plus, when I keep my written to-dos in front of me, I find that I doodle in the margins while I'm on calls, which I think brings extra creative energy to my day.


As we round out this four-week experiment of Sunday with The Scribes: Interview Edition, we'd like to say thank you to our four guests who have taken the time to speak with us. That's Vicky Tsai from Tatcha, Dr. Maria Bruce, Nate Checketts from Rhone, and Melanie Travis from Andie.


Happy Sunday,
- Mike, Pooja, and Alden