The Foundation for Education in Honduras

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Making a difference in Honduras

Since starting The Scribes, we’ve been extremely lucky to meet some incredible people that have not only shown an interest in The Scribes, but given us an opportunity to make a difference that none of us could have imagined. 

Through friends and family in New York City, we were able to meet Ramiro Ocasio, Jordan Elkin, and other board members of the Foundation for Education in Honduras (FEIH). Since 2014, FEIH has built 12 schools (with #13 under construction), in high-need areas of Honduras where many children have limited access to educational opportunities. These schools have supported over 2,000 children and 50,000 community members, making a huge impact in Honduras and beyond. 

We are incredibly excited and proud to announce that we are partnering with FEIH to donate 3,000 journals to students and teachers in Honduras. By gifting journals to these schools, we hope that we can make a small difference in the lives of these students and teachers. 

“FEIH operates in communities where many students attend school without basic school supplies, making achievement of learning objectives virtually impossible. FEIH has proudly partnered with The Scribes to provide each student a beautiful journal where their thoughts and ideas can flourish. Together, FEIH and The Scribes can create change by fostering improved educational outcomes and encouraging students to dream big.”

- Ramiro Ocasio, Co-Founder, FEIH

When you buy a Scribe, we hope you know that you are making a difference. Not only will a journal help you be more productive, creative, and thoughtful, but your purchase allows us to give back in a big way. 

This is Part One of a long and meaningful relationship between The Scribes and FEIH.