A Community Effort

Huntsville, Alabama 

On March 14th, I came home to Huntsville for my cousin's engagement party. I had a return flight to New York on the 17th, and I was eager to get back to the city to begin working on The Scribes full-time. 

In the span of a day or two, news continued to develop around the danger of Covid-19, and it was pretty evident that traveling back to New York wouldn’t happen anytime soon. It then became clear that I’d be spending more time in Huntsville than originally anticipated. 

The other Scribes, Pooja and Alden, were in the same boat, too - Pooja in New Jersey and Alden in Maine. 

We set up daily calls to discuss our business, and we talked about how we could sustain in the midst of a pandemic. Our inventory was scattered across our apartments in New York City, many of our corporate leads were reconsidering their orders, and we weren’t entirely sure what was next. 

One thing we were sure of was our mission. We are a brand that gives back, and we knew that if we stayed focused on serving others, people would support us. 

In the days to follow, we decided to start a campaign in the Huntsville community - a community that had already shown us a great deal of support since launching the business in November 2019. By the final weeks of March, we had finalized the designs for The Huntsville Scribe, and we decided that for every journal we sold, we’d be donating one to students in The Huntsville Community who needed resources most. 


Fast forward a few months, and the Huntsville Scribe has been our best seller over the last 90 days. With the support of many individuals and businesses, we have sold over 750 journals to the Huntsville community. 

From the three of us at The Scribes, we want to say thank you. Thank you for buying our journals, leaving positive reviews, sharing us on social media, spreading the word to family and friends, and allowing us the opportunity to give back to our community. With your support, we’ve been able to donate journals to Morris Elementary, The Boys and Girls Club, and the Women in Defense Fund (TN Valley Chapter.)

We have more journals to sell, and many more journals to give. We look forward to your support along the way! 

- Mike, Co-Founder


You can purchase The Huntsville Scribe here