Small Business Gift Guide

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Hey, sub(scribe)rs!

As we head into the holiday season, you probably have a shopping list for your friends and family. This year, we really want to encourage people to think about who they are buying from, and how each purchase makes a difference for these small businesses. 

As consumers ourselves, we know how convenient it is to buy from retail powerhouses (*cough* *cough* Amazon) and magically receive a purchase within a few days of ordering it. Don’t get us wrong, we do it too. Still, by having these conversations we become more conscious of our spending decisions, not only thinking about where we are purchasing, but also what - and oftentimes the convenience of big businesses leads to unnecessary purchases. To help you make thoughtful purchases this holiday season, we’ve created a short list of small businesses that are worth your support.


  • Goodmrkt is a retail concept committed to doing good. Their in-store and online collection of products are curated from 50+ brands, all of which are committed to doing good in their local communities and the world. We’ve been fortunate to be carried at GoodMrkt, and we even created some really neat journals with them, in partnership. 
  • If you prefer to shop in person, GoodMrkt has two brick and mortar locations - one in Fort Wayne, Indiana and one in New York City. 


  • Bombas creates high-quality and comfortable socks, underwear, and t-shirts. Like us, Bombas has a buy one, give one model, and for every product sold, they donate one to someone affected by homelessness.
  • Use code MERRY20 for 20% off your order until 12/3!

Ranger Station

  • Ranger Station creates beautiful fragrance products for women and men. From hand-poured and packaged candles to perfume and cologne, they offer a range of earthy and floral scents. 
  • We love their candles that burn out into whisky glasses. Check out The Holiday Set for the greatest bang for your buck, and use code BLACKFRIDAY for 25% off sitewide.


  • Hydros offers filtered water pitchers and bottles using 100% coconut shell carbon in a BPA-free casing. Their technology filters water at 5x the speed of their competitors! So far they’ve saved over 35,000,000 plastic bottles from polluting our oceans, and your purchase will help them save even more. 


  • MUD\WTR offers an organic alternative to coffee, with 1/7th the caffeine as a cup of coffee but the benefits of focus, energy, and immunity without crashing.
  • It seems that the best way to transition from coffee to MUD\WTR is with their Ritual Starter Kit. Take an additional 20% off with code TURKEYTAIL!

Together, let’s support and uplift entrepreneurs by making conscious holiday shopping decisions. 

Wishing you a warm and happy holiday season.

- The Scribes