Sunday with The Scribes - #44

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Productivity Tip

Today's focus: Spring Cleaning

And not just the closet or garage that you've been putting off for a while. Exercise a little spring cleaning in between your ears.

Just as important as 'success' itself, is understanding how you are most successful. In other words, how are you tracking what's working and what's not working in your life? If you can answer that question, you can double down on the good stuff, and shine a bright light on the things holding you back.

For those who have read Green Lights by Matthew McConaughey, this is his whole message. Make note of the green lights in life, ride them, and enjoy them. When life throws you a yellow light, or even a red light, learn from it, but do your best to catch the next the green light.

Good things compound.

What's in our journal

Speaking of Spring Cleaning, we did some serious tidying up at the little Scribes HQ in Lower Manhattan.

We are now more organized than ever, and we are confident that it will have ripple effects across our entire business, including faster shipping to you and less anxiety for us!

As a reminder, we now have a total of 18 different journal variations. Hardcover journals, softcover journals, lined pages, dotted pages - we've got them all.

We are also still in stock (for now) of our best selling pen, The Quill.

Use promo code "Q2" for 10% off and start making note of the green lights.

And to all who celebrate Easter, we wish you a happy one!